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I Want To Be a Merchandiser!

So I paused my grocery shopping the other day to pry some information from a nice merchandiser stocking a popular coffee brand. She gave me some great information that only reinforces my belief that merchandising is a great mommy job. First, she clarified that many, many companies use merchandisers, not just Hallmark or Blue Mountain Arts. Any time you see a display or case in a store that is visually separate from the merchandise around it and is used solely for the display of one brand, there is probably a merchandiser job that goes with it. She makes her own schedule and winds up working a total of 15 to 20 hours per week, which includes store visits and data entry at home. She absolutely loves it and has been doing it for years. Her schedule is dictated somewhat by what days a store gets their deliveries (we were at Price Chopper on a Tuesday; they had gotten their coffee delivery Monday night) but otherwise she sets her hours.  I am still trying to figure out how to locate merchandiser job postings (may CareerBuilder and search “merchandiser?”) but this is definitely a top three mommy job in my book, especially if your children are in school part or full day.

Happy hunting, Mommies!

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